It seems everywhere you turn the world seems to be playing the blame game on millennials. The most recent information I have come across about millennials is about their buying habits. It seems that millennial’s aren’t buying homes, cars and even fabric softener. So I did some research as to why millennial’s might be turning to what seems to be a more minimalist life. “A study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennial’s prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things.”

As a minimalist I think this is great, has my generation finally realized that happiness does not come from material things? I would like to think so. The research I have come across is that social media and low income may be the reason for this. According to NBC millennial’s often care about how they appear on social media and therefor will spend their money on experiences to look the part. I’m not sure if this the best reason for a person to spend money on a experience but I think that if millennial are spending money on experiences over materials items no matter the reason there can be a positive outcome.

As someone who is a millennial and who is also very passionate about the minimalist lifestyle I think in my own world I have seen this become a trend. I don’t think it is necessarily because of social media and I also don’t think millennial are aware they are adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. In my own personal experience I know most of my friends priorities travel, social gatherings, amusement parks, education etc. over material items. Let me know what you guys think. There are so many studies and information on millennial spending habits I think it’s important to acknowledge that there may be a movement towards minimalism in this generation.


One thought on “Millennial=Minimalist?

  1. I would be happy to see minimalism is becoming a trend among millenials. Not so much among the younger generation though, as I see my students (I lecture at a university) are more consumerist than we ever were. They consume food, media, ideas and so on very quickly.

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