Daily Journal Challenge 

I have heard there are so many benefits of journaling everyday. The research shows the keeping a journal has a positive impact on your well being. According to journaling can; clairify your thoughts and feelings, help you know yourself better, reduce stress, solve problems more effectively, and resolve disagreements with others.  I used to journal as a angry middle school teenager but since then I haven’t picked up a journal. So I invite you guys to join me in a challenge to start journaling everyday. Here are the rules:

You have to write in the journal each and everyday. Each entry must include:

3 things you are grateful for

3 things that bring you happiness

And one quote that really inspires you.

In addition to this you can journal about the positive things that have happened that day or just your thoughts in general, but it must be positive! Don’t journal about the bad day you’ve had or the co-workers you don’t like. I really want to explore how focusing on the positive aspects of my life can have a positive impact on how I look at life.   At the end of this challenge I want to see if journaling is something I should stick too and I also want to hear about how the challenge has gone for you guys and if you noticed improvements in your mental well-being. The challenge will go for one month and then I will give you guys a update on my progress! Let me know if you have had positive experiences with keeping a journal. 


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