Being a advertising student my world is filled with finding ways to be creative. Weather its copy writing, graphic design or writing for this blog. Being creative is something I challenge myself to be better at every single day. I find creating things really inspires me and makes me feel like I have accomplished something unique, and original that will hopefully bring joy to people’s lives.Being creative has many benefits in itself some thing I notice is;

When I practice creativity everyday I feel more self-aware.

Being creative is all about expressing yourself and showing how you think, this really helps me to understand who I am as a person. For example in my advertising class the whole class is often given the same client, with the same goals in mind and everyone will create something completely different because everyone is different. It seems sometimes with the social media that there is no originality but practicing creativity I think proves other wise.

Creativity also gives me the feeling of freedom.

We are always taught in school that there is a right and a wrong answer and we strive so hard to be right but in art and in creative work there is no right or wrong. I think this is why people struggle with being creative because they believe there is a certain way to do it. There are no wrong ways to express yourself creatively.

Creativity can help you manage stress.

I’ve talked in previous posts about Flow. I experience flow when I am creating and it does wonders for helping me reduce stress. When the only thing I am focused on is the tasks at hand it really helps to lower my stress levels.

Being creative is such a important part of living a meaningful and I would challenge you guys to find some ways to let your creativity show weather its writing, dance, singing, painting, or whatever.


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