One Goal Focus 

As most of you guys know I am pretty big on goal setting. Setting goals helps me feel accomplished and organized in my life. I once received some advice; to just focus on one goal at a time. Seems pretty simple right? That is until I tried to put this thinking into action. One day while sitting at work I started to write my to do list and all the things I wanted to accomplish not just for that day but for the entire month. To give you guys an idea my to do list looked something like this.

-Fill out job applications

-Apply for two scholarships

-Pay tuition

-Schedule dogs vet appointment

-Go get my cars emission test done

-Pay taxes

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I started to feel overwhelmed with all the things I needed to do and I thought back to this idea of really focusing on one goal at a time. At this point I was really focused on trying to find a summer job since school was about to end. I realized once I landed a job I would be able to pay my tuition and pay to get my emissions test done and pay my taxes. That is three things I ideally can accomplish with less stress because I focused on one goal. So I decided to erase everything from my two do list and I wrote one thing. Find a job. That’s it. When I went home later that day I filed out some job applications. And then I felt completely unproductive I thought to myself I could be getting so much done but I forced myself to focus on this one thing. I would not allow myself to complete anything else on my to do list. So what did I do? Within a couple days I had filled out more job applications then I can even remember. It took one week for me to land a job.

I had been searching for a job for a good month but I realized when I force myself to focus on one goal at a time I am able to be more successful. It seems like such a simple concept but you would be surprised how easy it is to get caught up in goal setting and having so much to accomplish that you really don’t achieve anything. In my case I was making progress on my goals but I was moving at a snails pace because I wasn’t able to focus. Let me know your thought! Do you get overwhelmed by your goals?


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