When To Replace It? (3 Tips)

On this blog I focus a lot on De-cluttering, getting rid of things you don’t need, avoiding consumerism, etc. etc. but although I believe in a minimalist life style there are times when you really just need to replace something. Back in the day there used to be TV repair shops when your TV broke. Watch repair shops when your watch broke. Now these places are far and few in between and unless you know how to fix stuff, it is ok to just replace it. So how do you know when something needs to be replaced?


This is specifically for clothing,  if you are like me and recently discovered all of your pajamas pants have big holes in them the size of the Grand Canyon. Then it is completely fine to replace them.

 You can’t fix it

This goes for electronics I have had several electronics that I have had for years that just break and there is nothing I can do about. I can’t fix it and I can’t find anyone to fix it so therefor I think it is perfectly ok to buy a new one and either sell or donate the current one.

It is not worth the money

Now this goes for small items such as your cellphone and furniture. If it cost more to fix it then it is worth then it might be a better idea to just get a new one.

These are just 3 times that you should just buy a replacement. Since minimalist don’t have many items it is important that you really enjoy the items that surround you. Don’t surround yourself with items that barely work and are falling apart to try and avoid consumerism because there is nothing wrong with consuming it is the excessive consumption that we want to avoid.


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