Reach Your Fitness Goals

This is the time of year when people start to think about how they plan to get in shape for their “summer body”. I am by no means a expert on getting in shape but I have noticed the things that have worked for me when getting in shape are not featured on fitness websites. I come across the same thing over and over again, schedule your workouts, meal prep, get a workout buddy, etc. But what has worked for me is none of these things. So I came up with some practical ways you can get in shape this summer.

Love Your Body

I am a firm believer that you can’t get in shape hating your body. Work on loving the body you have. Don’t put the stress on yourself to look a certain way because when you don’t see results right away you’re likely to give up. Love yourself, look for body positive inspiration online whatever you have to do.

Eat For fuel

In order to change your eating habits you have to change the way you think about food. When choosing what to eat instead of thinking about what sounds good or what is going to taste the best, instead think about how is this going to fuel my body? Am I going to want to take a nap after eating this or will I feel energized? Once you start eating better your taste buds will change and you will start to crave healthier meals.

Do Exercise That You Love and You Can Stick Too

If you hate waking up early and going to a big box gym then don’t. Find something that you enjoy that doesn’t feel like exercise. If you love to play volleyball, find a local team you can join. I love to walk my dog, he motivates me and it is great exercise for him as well. When I have extra time, I up the intensity and we will go for a hike instead or maybe even a run. Do what you love and you won’t even realize you are working out.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

This goes along with loving you body. Everyone’s body is different and by comparing your body to others you are not doing yourself any favors. It may motivate you for a short amount of time but long term it could really hurt your self esteem.

Track How You Feel Not How You Look

This is huge. Focus on how you feel instead of how you look. If you are feeling happier and more energetic that is a big accomplishment and you should celebrate it as that!

Don’t Think About It Too Much

Most diets fail and that is because when you go on a diet you are constantly thinking about what you are not allowed to eat. That can be exhausting, so instead don’t over think it. Instead, when you are hungry just try to choose healthier options.

I hope this helps you get in shape this summer! In the comments let me know what exercise you love to do!



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