A Short Post About Following Your Passion

Passion is a interesting concept. When people speak of passion they often refer to one thing they love to do and maybe even would like to make a career out of, but you can be passionate about many thing. For example I’m passionate about writing, women’s rights, inspiring people, minimalism, learning and the beautiful thing is I do not have to pick one. I don’t have to say hey my passion is writing and that is it. The minimalist suggest that when someone ask you the question, “what do you do?” most people respond with where they work and what their position is because that is how many people define themselves. They suggest instead to answer like this, “I am passionate about……” this turns the conversation to something a little bit more meaningful. People become curious and then you can ask them what they are passionate about. It’s such a simple concept but I believe sharing your passion is a great way to get to know someone. I am currently reading a book called , the art of not giving a fuck. And the idea behind it is that there will be suffering your whole life but to truly be happy you have to decide what is important enough to give a fuck about. In the example the writer talks about a famous author who was an alcoholic and loved prostitutes. The idea is that you must accept your flaws and not be ashamed of them(in this case alcoholism and a love for prostitutes) in order to give your full focus to what you are most passionate about(writing). Stop trying to be perfect and instead focus on the passions that bring you joy. What flaws are you willing to accept in order to fulfill your passion?


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