Simplifying Beauty Products

Owning too many beauty products has always been a struggle for me. As someone who loves to wear makeup and try out new beauty products it is sometimes a struggle to not stockpile products. To prevent this there are a few things I do to cut down on beauty clutter.

One In One Out Rule. I have mentioned this before on my blog but the idea is that if you buy a new product you have to get rid of another one. I usually try to get rid of a product in the same category. For example if I buy a new foundation I have to get rid of my other foundation. Once this become a habit you really reconsider buying new beauty products because you may love all the makeup you have on hand.

Another thing I do is put the products that I use everyday in one area. This helps me to identify what is getting used on a regular basis and what is only getting used every one in a while. For example my big jar of coconut oil is something I use everyday, along with my mascara, foundation, etc. So I try to keep it all in one place and every once in a while I will take inventory of the things I am not using and see if they are worth keeping.

Give old products away. This may sound like a no brainer but have someone close to you that you can give your old products to. This can make you feel better about getting rid of them, than just throwing out products that you have spent money on.

At the end of the day realize that there are area’s of your life where you will naturally own more items then you would like and that is completely ok. Just make sure to keep an eye on it and declutter regularly.


2 thoughts on “Simplifying Beauty Products

  1. I bought a cheaper product unstead of an expensive one I use all the time. I won’t make this mistake again I I still want the expensive one. Also I have a bad habit of buying cosmetics and throw them away. I will go minimal on this.

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    1. I’ve made that mistake before as well! It is nice to have a small collection of really great products as oppose to a large collection of products that aren’t necessarily your favorite. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚


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