Oil Cleansing

Cleaning your skin with oil sounds like a crazy concept especially when every face wash on the market promises to get rid of grease and oil that is present on your skin. But using oil to clean your skin is actually a very effective way to get rid of acne and bring out the dirt and oils that are in your pores. For this to work you want to make sure you are using organic oils such as; coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, etc. I do not suggest buying a bottle of oil that claims it cares 5 or so natural oils because I have found that it does not work very well for my skin. What oil cleansing does is the oil is able to seep into your pores and draws out all the dirt and gunk that your skin has been exposed to throughout the day. I have found since I have started to oil cleanse that I no longer need to use soap to wash my face. I know that sounds crazy but all I need to do in the morning is rinse my face with water. Using a facial cleanser is no longer necessary.

How To Oil Cleanse

Oil cleansing is very simple all you need to do is pick your favorite organic oil. I personally will use coconut oil and I will scoop some out of the jar and rub it in my hands so that it melts down into its liquid form. I will then just rub it into my skin. I massage into my skin for about 15-30 seconds and then I will usually let it sit for a little bit while I brush my teeth and finish getting ready for bed. Then I will use Dr.Bronner’s Castile Soap to rinse the oil off my face. I do not oil cleanse every night, like I mentioned before I often don’t feel the need to use soap on my face.

Oil cleansing is a great way to naturally cleanse your face without using harsh skin care washes that often just dry out your skin and leave your pores vulnerable to the environment. Don’t be afraid to oil cleanse if you naturally have oily skin I struggled with oily skin for many years but I found as I used organic products my skin type changed from oily to combination which is easier to manage. Let me know in the comments how you feel about oil cleansing.


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