Lessons I’ve Learned On My Minimalist Journey

Minimalism is all about getting rid of stuff that you don’t need and making room for things that are important in your life. There are few key things that I have learned along my minimalist journey:

Don’t work a job you hate to buy things you don’t need

Minimalism has taught me that by only buying things I need, I can save money and I don’t need to work a job that I hate. When I started this blog I was working a fast food job that paid well for my position but I hated it. I was so scared to quit because I thought I needed the money. By exploring minimalism I realized I wasn’t even doing anything with the money I was making besides wasting it on food and junk. I figured out if I spend intentionally I can quit my job and find something I enjoy, therefor bringing me more happiness in my everyday life.

Marketing works

I am a advertising major and if you are curious about how that fits into my minimalist lifestyle feel free to check out my previous blog post: A Minimalist and Advertising Student     Although I am majoring in advertising/marketing I have always been a skeptic. Is putting all this money into marketing worth it? Once I started my journey and attempted to stop myself from buying products I realized how much marketing had a effect on my buying decisions and worked against me in living this new lifestyle.

I found more time

Once I realize I could afford to quit my job and find something I enjoy. I found I had more time to devote to my hobbies and things that bring me joy. It was only once I stopped working my fast food job that I was able to find out what I am passionate about.

I realized what is important

When you take away the facade of the “American Dream” you start to explore what is really important. What is going to bring you happiness? How can you bring others happiness? What is important to you? I was able to discover these things through minimalism.

What lessons have you learned on your minimalist journey?


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